Manawatu Junior Triathlon League Registration

Please read the following conditions before completing the registration:

  • Registrations are limited to 120 athletes.
  • You will appear on the start list once your registration details have been checked.
  • You must be a 2020/2021 TRIBE member. TRINZ Event day licence fee applies for non members.
  • Participant fee is $100 for all age groups except U13, which is $50
  • Registrations close on the 1st of December 2020 at 23:59. $20 late entry fee applies after this date.
  • Age as of 31st December 2020. U13 (swim and run event only). e.g. if you turn 13 in 2020 then you are U16 for this event, and if you turn 16 this year then you are U19 for this event.
  • U16, U19, U23/Open Elite Races – Open water swim, Le Mans crit, XC run and Reverse MTR
  • U13 Races – 200m supported open water swim, 2km XC Run. and Reverse MTR event.

12-3143-0336090-00 (MTC)

Reference: MJT League 2020 and childs name in particulars

Please read the disclaimer before submitting this Registration:
MJT Event Disclaimer