What We Offer

You must be a current member of the Manawatu Triathlon Club to attend the MTA sessions

MTA JUNIOR SQUAD (Year 7 and year 8 – Intermediate age, approx 10-13 years old)

Focus on skill development technique, games, basic fitness and fun. 

MTA TRI SQUAD (Year 9 to University age with no performance measures, approx 13-21 years old)

A step up from the junior squad but a strong emphasis on skill and technique will remain.

MTA PERFORMANCE SQUAD (16 – 21 years old and have met performance measures)

The squad is targeted at older High School students and University students. The academy has a pathway on performance.

Swim 200m measures: Females Sub 2.25 swim and Males Sub 2.16 swim

Bike measures: Must ride at the Manawatu Schools cycling races, and have passed a bike skills measure at the MTA Carnival.

Run 1500m Measures: Females Sub 5min 20sec and Males sub 4min 40sec.